Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 54 lbs ( 25 kg ) ; female : 44 lbs ( 20 kg )
Height : male: 26 inches ( 66 centimeters ); female: 24 inches (60.9 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :One of the newest dog breeds that have been the result of an experiment in the Czech Republic would be the so called Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breed.  Its parents are the German Shepherd and a wolf (Carpathian) which means that the qualities of both parents have been combined in this breed.
Breed Character Information : The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy is quite unique because unlike other dogs, it does not concentrate only on one particular person, but equally focuses its attention to the whole family.  Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are not small dogs but may be considered medium sized and would be able to adapt well to other animals within its home but not to unfamiliar animals.  The Females of this breed, according to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog information’s are much easier to “master” as compared to the male. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are admired because of their very keen senses and their skill in following after trails.  They may have that independent streak but they have no problems in terms of cooperating in the pack.  They are good working dog breeds and have no problems working in the day time or the night time.
Breed Coat Information :The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has a double coat with both the top coat and the under coat being thick.  Coat colors are varied: silver grey, yellowish grey, etc.  It also has what you call a mask, and coat hairs of lighter shades are seen in the area under the neck as well as the fore chest.  Coat hairs are said to be straight aside from being thick. 
Breed Temperament Information :The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy is a quick mover and is also active and lively.  If you want a dog that’s really courageous then you should think about owning a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.  The Czecholovakian Wolfdog has a trait similar to small dogs and that would be its playfulness.
Breed Ownership Information :The Czecholovakian Wolfdog, as seen in the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog information’s, is suited to apartment life given that it is given proper exerxise regularly.  It can be active indoors but it is better if it will have a spacious yard to play in.  Remember too that this is a breed that needs to live in cool climates so if you live in a place or a country that’s really hot then it might not be suited to living with you.
Breed Activity Information :The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is meant for vigorous physical activities.  It will suit a very active owner, one who loves adventure.  This breed will surely enjoy being taken hiking.  Jogging and walking may also be among the regular activities that your Czechoslovakian Wolfdog can engage in.
Breed Care Information :The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is prone to hip dysplasia.  Dogs that are products of cross breeds normally have more health issues as compared to pure breeds.  It is therefore recommended to take your Czechoslovakian Wolfdog to the vet and have it checked from time to time.
Breed Training Information :Positive Reinforcement techniques would work well on your Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.  It should be taken to obedience training classes and early socialization to prevent aggressiveness.

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