Breed Group : Hearding
Weight : male: 25-30 lbs ( 11 –  13.6 kg ) ; female : 24-28  lbs ( 10 – 12.7 kg )
Height : male: 10-12 inches ( 25 – 30 centimeters ); female: 10-12 inches ( 25 – 30 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : Welsh Corgisare a type of small dogs that came from Wales.  Because of its height/size, the Welsh Corgi puppy is also referred to as the “dwarf dog.”  Despite its size, it was used in the past mainly as a guard dog and for driving cattle.  Welsh Corgis are “broken down” into two kinds of dog breeds: the Pembroke breed and the Cardigan breed, with the latter of larger size.  Both have rounded ears and foxy tails.
Breed Character Information :  The Welsh Corgi displays utter devotion to its family.  It can mingle well with kids and just like most small dogs, love frolicking from one place to another.  Welsh Corgis are characterized with dominance but that character can be removed through the correct training. 
Breed Coat Information :  Corgi Breed information’s tells us that Welsh Corgis have a very thick double coat with the coat hairs of medium length.  The fact that their double coat is very thick makes it water proof, thus making the Welsh Corgis look always clean.  Coat colors vary: sable, black, red, tan, and are normally with markings of white.
Breed Temperament Information :   The Welsh Corgi puppy has a very robust nature.  It is also very smart and totally one of the more active dog breeds.  Properly training your Welsh Corgi would make it more obedient and a better protector of your household.
Breed Ownership Information : 
  Nowadays, the Welsh Corgi is used more as a household pet, a good companion and no longer a herding dog as used in the early times.
Breed Activity Information :  To maintain your Welsh Corgi’s strength and health, regular long walks would be necessary.  It is also a must for your Welsh Corgi to have a lot of space to run around in.  It may be suited to apartment living but a having a yard would be much better.  Corgi Breed information’s speak of Welsh Corgis loving games such hide and seek and chasing games.
Breed Care Information :   Welsh Corgis are said to be one of the healthiest dogs and even among the longest living.  In fact when it comes to health problems, not a lot has been documented when it comes to Welsh Corgis.  In terms of grooming, Welsh Corgis have coats that are quite easy to care for.  Just a simple brushing will do and bathing can be done on an as needed basis.
Breed Training Information : 
 Firm training techniques are recommended for your Welsh Corgi.  Obedience training is also a must.  Welsh Corgis, being highly intelligent are not difficult to train.  However they tend to get easily bored and so repetitive training sessions would not work.  The trainer should be creative enough for your Welsh Corgi to listen and follow.  Giving praises would also be a good method.   Take note that Welsh Corgis are quite attention seekers and so giving them attention would make these dogs want to learn more.  Early socialization with people as well as other pets or dogs is a must.  This is to prevent your Welsh Corgi from being too protective when they reach adulthood.

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