Breed Group : Hearding
Weight : male: 60-75 lbs ( 27 – 34 kg ) ; female : 50-65 lbs ( 22 – 30 kg )
Height : male: 24-26 inches ( 60 – 66 centimeters ); female: 22-24 inches ( 55 – 60 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  Collies are herding dogs that originated in England, especially in the upland areas of the north and the west. The name Collie mostly describes dogs originated from Scotland, but its breed more prevalent in England and some other countries of the world. In the United States, Rough Collies are mostly referred to as the Collie dog breeds.
Breed Character Information :   Collies are very famous and well-loved of all dog breeds. Everybody knows Lassie, the most famous Collie in the world. A Collie puppy is great as a companion for children. They can also serve as watch dogs. It does not belong with the smaller dogs; it is rather big, with the ability to command sheep with authority and agile enough to head off runaways.
Breed Coat Information :  Collies come in various color combinations. The combinations are: sable and white ; tri-color ; blue merle ; and white . Collies may either be rough-coated (long hair) or smooth-coated (short hair).
Breed Temperament Information :   Working Collies are very energetic. These agile dogs possess great stamina and can run throughout the day without getting tired. They are intelligent and are naturally highly motivated when it comes to working. These characteristics do not make them fine house pets, therefore regular exercise is essential for them. Else, they may become unhappy and have bad behavior. Collies as show dogs are highly trainable, gentle and may be kept as pets.
Breed Ownership Information If raised with children, Collies can become affectionate and gentle, even as a puppy. They are rather reserved but nevertheless good-natured with strangers.
Breed Activity Information :   For its daily activities, regular exercise is not enough. Collie breed needs constant physical and mental stimulation, this can be attained by letting them do a few different tasks. Their energy is like that of small dogs in a larger scale. They also love hard works and playing different dog games. Working collies such as those used for shepherding are recommended to undergo active sports such as sheepdog trials, flyball, disc dog and dog agility.
Breed Care Information :   Health problems are common to this type of dog breed. They are vulnerable to bloating. Hip dysplasia occurs at a relatively low frequency for this specie, but to be sure, buyers should at least look for puppies with parents without this type of joint disease. They are sensitive to heartworm preventatives, and may react more strongly than other dog breeds to an overdose of insecticides.Collies also have sensitive skin that is prone to many skin infections. The “Collie nose” is a term used for a peeling rash formed on the end of the muzzle when exposed to sunlight. They are also susceptible to an hereditary inflammatory disease known as dermatomyositis.There is also the “Collie eye syndrome,” which can lead to eye problems and even blindness. Symptoms may not show up until they reach the age of maturity, so better buy a puppy that is already tested for this type of disease.
Breed Training Information :  These dogs love praises when trained. They are also very sensitive. Generally, they cannot be trusted with other non-canine animals such as cats, but there are some that get along with cats quite easily. For this breed is required good socialization to prevent it from having a trait of being withdrawn from strangers. It needs extensivey exercise, and tasks to be done. It can also serve as a sport dog. They have a trait of a perfectionist with a strong desire to please. These aren’t for people who do not have enough time with their pets.

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