Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 24-28 lbs ( 10 – 12.7 kg ) ; female : 24-28 lbs ( 10 – 12.7 kg )
Height : male: 14.5-15.5 inches ( 36.5 – 40 centimeters ); female: 13.5-14.5 inches ( 34.5 – 36.5 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  As a puppy, the Cocker Spaniel is a great child’s companion. The Cocker Spaniel is familiar to Clumber,Sussex,Field,Springer and toy spaniels.All this breeds are originated in Spain,but they were developed in England also. Its name Spaniel must have been derived from an old French term for Spanish dogs. The term Cocker was derived from their skill in hunting woodcocks.
Breed Character Information :   You can easily tell when a Cocker Spaniel gets excited because they start wagging their tails and their backs start bending. They usually get along well with children and are sociable and gentle with other pets and small dogsThese dog breeds bold enough to dash after game and affectionate enough to make good family pets. It respects its master’s authority without questioning it. They are very playful and devoted, but should be socialized well when they are young puppies to avoid a tendency to become shy around strange dogs and unfamiliar people.
Breed Coat Information :  Cocker Spaniels may have coats of black shades, which includes black-and-tan and jet black. Tan markings should be somewhere over the eyes, muzzle and cheeks. On other parts of the body, it may appear under the ears and feet.Variegated coats may be of any color, including roan, with a few white markings. Presence of a third color is permissible, as well as small white markings on the throat and chests of solid color Cockers.
Breed Temperament Information : This top dog breed in the US has a very good temperament. Perfectly trained Cockers make the best family pets, having loyalty and deep affection for the family. Sometimes the Cocker Spaniel can become very sensitive, this can become a disadvantage for him. Therefore, discipline must be done gently and should not resort to harsh methods. wever, the popularity of the breed has almost been its downfall.
Breed Ownership Information :  Puppy mill Cockers can be found in a lot of  pet stores. These puppies are bred due to the fact that they are bestsellers. One should be careful though, ‘cause the market is being flooded with poorly bred spaniels that have negative traits. For this dog breed,there is no genetic diseases,but however,socialization is a big problem for the puppy,for it to become the sweet demeanor. 
Breed Activity Information :  These compact, small dogs have plenty of stamina thus, they need regular exercise. Daily, long walks are fine – just avoid thickets that may get their coats tangled.
Breed Care Information :Even well-bred Cockers are subject some genetic abnormalities. It is recommended that you choose a puppy with parents cleared of progressive retinal atrophy and free of heart problems and epilepsy. Some other health problems specific to this dog breed include :glaucoma, dog cataracts, and hemophilia as well as chronic ear and sometimes skin infections.Their ears are also prone to infections. It’s recommended to be cleaned every now and then, this way you promote air circulation and lessen the bacterial development. It’s important that the owner should also know the best ways to take care of its silky and soft coat.
Breed Training Information :  Obedience training is required of all dogs for them to know how to behave well and follow simple commands. A puppy can already be taught how to sit, lie down, stay, and come on command.If you encounter any trouble in being firm with this dog, you should try hiring a private trainer.

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