Breed Group : Toy
Weight : male: 6-19 lbs ( 2.7 – 8.6 kg ) ; female : 6-19 lbs ( 2.7 – 8.6 kg )
Height : male: 14-15 inches ( 35 – 38 centimeters ); female: 14-15 inches ( 35 – 38 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :   Cockapoos are another type of hybrid dogs often called designer dogs. Other names of it include Spoodle and Cockerpoo. The Cockapoos breed is either by crossing the American or English Cocker Spaniels with a poodle or by breeding cockapoo to cockapoo. The origin of the Cockapoo is known in US since 1950 , since then ,the popularity for this dog breed coninues to increase. Its intelligence is derived from that of a poodle dog breed and has become very popular as a companion pet. This small dog also exhibits a great disposition. This dog breed can also become passive, and at times aggressive, if not given the proper socialization.
Breed Character Information :   Like most dogs, Cochapoos are very loyal and affectionate. It can be easily trained because of its smart nature, even as a puppy. This small dog’s sweet nature can really attract a lot of kids. They have mixed characteristics, having the loving personality of the Cocker Spaniel and the non-shedding, low-dander qualities of the poodle. Poodle characteristics include a tendency to be very active, energetic and agile.It cannot be considered a purebred since it does not have consistent characterisitics. One puppy may have a different set of traits compared to another, depending on the degree of crossing. They may exhibit different combinations of traits of the parent dog breeds.
Breed Coat Information : Coats are preferable dense coat, either curly or heavily wavy, and close. This dog breed’s coat colors may be one of the following: white, cream, tan and combinations of these.
Breed Temperament Information :  Cockapoos are a popular choice for a companion dog because of its very friendly personality. A Cockapoo puppy generally gets along with children and other animals very well. Since Poodles and Spaniels have a bit of aggressive traits, this should be dealt while the Cockapoos are still young.
Breed Ownership Information : It is very recommended that the Cockapoo puppies to be bought only from respectable Cockapoo breeders or to adopt one from a certified Cockapoo rescue center. It is very important that the future owner to know everything about the dog breed,before puchesing one. Research about the Cockapoo puppy may be done on our dog breeds site.
Breed Activity Information :  The Cockapoo favourite activity  as a puppy loves to run and play with his family. This dog also requires daily walks as their exercise for it to stay healthy and for it to be fit an alert. 
Breed Care Information :  Floppy-eared breeds, in general, are subject to ear infections. That’s why it’s important to keep their ears clean and dry.Normally, Cockapoos are healthy and happy dogs. Like other small dogs, they have a tendency to live long, therefore it is not unusual for these dogs to live up to 15 years or more.Brushing and combing should be done regularly, but owners doin;t have to worry about the dog shedding too much skin since it is not much of a shedder like a poodle.
Breed Training Information :  Training is not a problem, since this breed is very intelligent. Easily obedient, this dog thrives on the right training techniques and proper handling. This dog can easily become sensitive to the tone of your voice, so there is no need to resort to harsh techniques.

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