Breed Group : Toy
Weight : male: 8-10 lbs ( 3.6 – 4.5 kg ) ; female : 8 – 10 lbs ( 3.6 – 4.5 kg )
Height : male: 15-25 inches ( 38-63.5 centimeters ); female: 15-25 inches (38-63.5  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :Who ever thought of crossing a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise? I have no idea, but here is its offspring: the Cockabichon. A cross-breed of the two produced a dog with a combination of traits from the two dog breeds. Hybrids have become popular as designer dog breeds, and are gaining more popularity.
Breed Character Information :  The Cockabichon’s personality is a mix of the personalities of the Cocker Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. It is very outgoing and loving like its parents. The Cockabichon puppy has some individual characteristics,found only on this dog breed,this is why,it’s a rare breed. The Cockabichon can socialize with small kids and other house pets very easy.
Breed Coat Information :Cockabichon coats are non-shedding and usually does not cause any allergies.
Breed Temperament Information :  This dog breed is usually sweet and happy. While it is still a puppy, it can be rather sensitive. It does not have any problems with authority, since it almost always submits without question, unlike the Chow Chows. Very cute and adorable, puppies of this kind are very trusting and playful, but not that smart unlike other dogs. They have a tendency to be shy around people and animals that they are not familiar with, so they should be socialized properly.
Breed Ownership Information :Future Cockabichon owners should be committed in taking care of this dog since it may live for at least ten years. It is important that the future owner be educated about the Cockabichon breed, including all stages of their life from being a puppy to an older dog. It is highly recommended that the Cockabichon puppies to be bought only from respectable breeders , or to adopt one from the Cockabichon rescue centers. Before buying this breed,it’s important that you understand everythink about this dog breed. Research may be done by reading about the breed information of the Cockabichon puppy above.
Breed Activity Information :If you don’t want your small dogs to become fat and eventually die because of being overweight, give them exercise Exercise, like walking and a little bit of play, should be done daily to avoid them from having a couch potato lifestyle.
Breed Care Information :Like all dog breeds, this dog should have regular visits to the vet and should have received all necessary vaccinations. Also check for ticks and fleas to avoid their skin from having undesirable flea marks and skin diseases.
Breed Training Information :  Like all other dog breeds and mixed breeds, Cockabichons should receive obedience training to teach them some good dog manners. Though this breed is generally sweet, an untrained Cockabichon can be a nuisance. Basic commands should be taught to the puppy. Owners should teach them how to walk with leashes around their necks but not pulling. Cockabichons also like to do clever antics and enjoy playing ball as well.

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