Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 70-85  lbs ( 31.7 – 38.5 kg ) ; female : 55-70 lbs ( 25 – 31.7 kg )
Height : male:  19-20  inches ( 48 – 50 centimeters ); female:  17-19 inches ( 43 – 48 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Clumber Spaniel are one of them British spaniels. A refined dog breed, the clumber spaniel is considered a very gentle and highly intelligent dog. It is a sporting dog breed, some of which that belong to these type are retrievers and other spaniels.
Breed Character Information Though effective, it is not the fastest gunner or gundog of all sporting dogs. It can also serve as effective retrievers and excellent trackers. This type of dog was bred to dart through bushes with their big heads and thick, soft coats. An excellent tracker, there is nothing that can stop this dog from pursuing the hunt. Even as a puppy, it can already serve as a family dog. Because it has a naturally friendly attitude, children can get along with it very well, as well as other family members. It is a fairly good mother to its puppies.
Breed Coat Information :The Clumber Spaniel’s thick and silky coat is supported with a dense undercoat. It is commonly white in color, with a few orange markings all over its body, especially the face. Its fur also serves as a protection against bushes when it is pursuing an animal. The smoothness of its hair does not allow tangles to form.
Breed Temperament Information : They are not small dogs but rather, medium-sized, but they have a big heart. It is very gentle, so don’t every try hurting it. Though it is not a small dog it has a tendency to become emotionally and mentally depressed, therefore it is not advisable that they be left alone for long periods of time. They may appear to be shy when around people that they are not familiar with, but this can be worked out if they will be exposed to many people (socialize). They also possess incredible cleverness in raiding kitchen counters and cabinets, and even the refrigerator. Puppies are very playful and cute.
Breed Ownership Information : Most clumbers are now used as family dogs or companion dogs than gun dogs. Country homes would suit them just fine, even those with really large yard that they can play around in. This dog breed should not be left along for they have a tendency to be come destructive.
Breed Activity Information : Puppies will always be puppies, whatever their breed. These dogs may love to play at times, but they are considered to have low to moderate activity. They love sleeping and eating and lying sprawled on the floor or the couch, whatever is available. Owners can also opt to play catch with them, which is one of the many favorite pastimes of this dog, aside from sleeping on the couch.
Breed Care Information : It is recommended that the Clumber’s hair to be combed daily, and you must pay special attention to the area behind the ears. That area is usually present with knots. Ear canals should be cleaned using ear wipes or cleaning solutions. The most serious issue of the Clumber Spaniel is hip dysplasia . Some other health issues and problems for this dog breed are ectropion(turning inward or outward of the lower eyelid)  and  sometimes hypothyroidism.
Breed Training Information : Proper training is required for a breed that has a tendency to be stubborn. Different approaches should be used, since they can get bored easily. This dog is not difficult to train though. Positive reinforcements and lots of praise offer a far better result than heavy-handed training.

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