Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 26-30  lbs ( 11.7 – 13.7 kg ) ; female : 18-26 lbs ( 8 – 11.7 kg )
Height : male:  18-20  inches ( 45 – 50 centimeters ); female:  16.5-18 inches ( 41 – 45.5 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : This Sicilian hound that looks like the Pharaoh hound was primarily used in hunting rabbits and other game. This dog breed is known for its keen sense of sight, being the smallest of the Mediterranean sighthounds. They are relatively small and do not need high maintenance when it comes to their coats, so they are usually used as show dogs. They are not very small dogs; females have heights ranging from 16.5 to 18 inches while males can grow up to 20 inches.
Breed Character Information :This primitive dog breed has a slender and elegant build, aside from the fact that they possess a wise expression. They are very agile, given their well-muscled and strong forms. Stealth is a plus for this hunting dog. It can catch small animals without being heard.
Breed Coat Information : The Cirneco dell Etna’s coat is very short and glossy.  Brown and white are its typical colors.
Breed Temperament Information :Even as a puppy, the Cirneco dell Etna already possesses an independent personality. Although it may come off strong, if properly trained, it can also be an affectionate companion dog that many people prefer. They do well with children and other pets they have been raised with as a puppy. In the presence of either large or small dogs or strange animals, they may seem reserved. They are alert and watchful, but are not necessarily aggressive dog breeds. 
Breed Ownership Information : It is highly recommended that Cirneco dell Etna puppies to be be bought from trustworthy Cirneco dell Etna breeders. It’s a good idea if you decide to adopt one from a rescue center. More importantly, future owners should know about these dog breeds first before buying one of them. Breed information about the Cirneco dell Etna puppy is found above.
Breed Activity Information : Physical exercise and mental stimulation is a must for this dog. The Cirneco dell Etna does well in rural settings where there are lots of acres to explore and wander about. Since hunting is a natural activity for them, then let them hunt, just as long as they don’t go hunting for rats and other icky rodents. They also love running around, so don’t try stopping them, because they are having fun when they do that.
Breed Care Information :It takes only minimal brushing to smoothen the coat of this dog, so you have nothing much to worry about when it comes to grooming. Bathe when necessary. Because this breed is very rare, there are currently no known health issues related to it.
Breed Training Information :A must for this breed is socialization and obedience ,recommended to do it as a puppy. The method that are not recommended are harsh and heavy-handed. An important tip to train is to give praises and trips,this can help a lot when training.The owners,or the trainer ,should be firm,but not abusive.

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