Breed Group : Non Sporting
Weight : male: 45-70  lbs ( 20.4 – 32 kg ) ; female : 45-70 lbs ( 20.4 – 32 kg )
Height : male:  17-20  inches ( 43 – 50 centimeters ); female:  17-20 inches ( 43 – 50 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : Another ancient dog breed that originated in China is the Chow Chow. They were all-around dog breeds that were originally used to do different tasks such as hunting and protecting. These are one of the most common companion dogs today.
Breed Character Information :  The Chow is an epitome of nobility and beauty, with an independent and dignified demeanor. Though it is a dog, they have cat-like characteristics. They may choose to be reserved when meeting new people and strange dogs, but are very affectionate to their owners.

People love hugging Chow chows because of their soft fur, but it is important to take note that they do not always enjoy this just like some small dogs do. They are not people-pleasing dog breeds; they are rather selfish on that area and would want to please themselves first.
Breed Coat Information : It has a double coat and can either be soft or rough. Its fur is thick around the area of the neck and closely resembles a lion’s mane, though it looks like a cuter version of a grizzly bear. Coat colors may be black, most commonly brown.
Breed Temperament Information :  Chow Chows are generally polite and patient, unlike small dogs such as the Chihuahua. They are very loyal and friendly, but very distant with unfamiliar people. Bossy and stubborn, these dogs may not get along well with other pets unless they have been raised with them as a puppy. This breed also expects respect to be given to it. These type of dogs are usually suspicious of strangers. This breed is very a good protector for their families,because of their territorial behavior . A Chow Chow puppy when left alone,may appear fierce.
Breed Ownership Information :  It is very recommended that Chow Chow puppies to be bought only from reliable breeders. These dog breeds should be well-researched about. Ofcourse,every puppy breed has different characteristics. Research may be done regarding Chow Chow dog breed information ,on our  dog breeds related site.
Breed Activity Information :  Because of its large and “chubby” size, this type of dog has a natural tendency to be lazy. They prefer the indoors where there is less activity. They should not be left outside for long in hot weather. Short walks are also good for them.
Breed Care Information :Daily brushing and proper grooming is essential in maintaining the good condition of their coats. Bathing is done when necessary. Common health issues include as entropin, heat prostration, allergies, skin problems, and hip dysplasia. They are not recommended to live in countries with warm climates.
Breed Training Information : This type of breed needs intense and extensive training on socialization and obedience. Housetraining is relatively easy. However, they do not manifest absolute obedience, since they will only do things that make sense to them. It is not recommended to use heavy-handed approaches , because this can cause aggressiveness if they are treated in a disrespectful manner.

A stubborn dog needs a stubborn owner. Owners have to let them know at an early who’s the real master, or else, they will try to dominate you. Initial good behavior does not mean that training is already unnecessary. When untrained, this dog may refuse to accept authority when it becomes an adult.

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