Breed Group : Miscellaneous Class
Weight : male: 70 lbs ( 31 kg ) ; female : 55  lbs ( 25 kg )
Height : male: 23 – 27 inches ( 59 – 69 centimeters ); female: 21-25 inches ( 53 – 65 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  Chinook dogs are a working sled dog breed, of notable power and speed. They are medium to large-sized athletic dogs, with a capability to pull heavy load without getting tired immediately. They are usually 21 to 27 inches tall, weighing between 55 to 90 pounds.
Breed Character Information : They have a serious attitude when it comes to doing their tasks. They are specially-bred sled dogs that do not exhibit aggressiveness towards other dogs, whether large or small dogs. They may have a tendency to be initially aloof when introduced to new surroundings. Very purposeful and alert, the Chinook is considered to be a very hardworking dog. 
Breed Coat Information : Double coats are present for this breed, with their thick and waterproof undercoats and coarse guard hairs. This dog breed is usually identified through the color of its coat. The Chinook is a tawny dog, the color of its coats ranging from palomino to honey and reddish-gold as the usually desirable color. They may have dark or black markings, usually around the eyes, but not white markings. 
Breed Temperament Information : These dogs make good companions, to the owner of course. They may be quiet in the presence of strangers, but this may improve if they get to interact with them more. It is usually sociable with other dog breeds and children. 
Breed Ownership Information :  They can live with a person of any lifestyle, just as long as they receive the right amount of exercise. Chinook breed ,dont often bark. This dog breed does not make good outdoor pets given their strong attachment to their family. So don’t go isolating them in your backyard. Children can be safely left around this dog, since these dogs have an ability to tolerate them even as a puppy. They do not have any social problems with children if they haven’t encountered them as puppies.
Breed Activity Information :  Some of the most common tasks for the Chinook are carting and pulling sleds. However this breed can also be used in some other significant tasks,as searching and rescue dogs. It is highly recommended moderate exercise for this dog breed, since they are not hyperactive. Also a must are some daily walks, followed by or rest or self-entertainment.
Breed Care Information :  A characteristic of the Chinook dog breed is that he is extremly shy.This is why socialization should be emphasized as a puppy.Common illnesses related to this dog breed include eye abnormalities and hip dysplasia, even seizures. But most of the time, it is very healthy and those who become sick are only a small number of its total population.
Breed Training Information : Positive training should let them know who the real master it, else, they will master you. Heavy-handed training should not be used upon them because they do not appreciate being disrespected. They are very smart, and usually, they only need to know what you want them to do and why you want them to do it before actually doing it.

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