Breed Group : Non-Sporting Breeds
Weight : male: 45-60 lbs ( 20.8 – 27 kg ) ; female : 45-60 lbs ( 21 – 27 kg )
Height : male: 18-20 inches ( 45 – 50 centimeters ); female: 18-20 inches ( 45 – 50 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : The Chinese Shar-Pei dog breeds were originally hunting and fighting dogs. It was once listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest dog in the world. It is well-known for its wrinkled face (or too much skin, if you ask me), which gives a misleading impression of gloominess.
Breed Character Information :  It makes an intelligent watchdog because of its very strong protective instinct. They can be very friendly if properly socialized with humans, non-canine animals, even large and small dogs, as early as its puppy years.
Breed Coat Information :  Its coat is usually compared to that of horse hair, which is rather rough and sandy. It has no undercoat.
Breed Temperament Information :  Despite their appearance, they are not overly depressed dogs. They are usually goofy and fun and perfect to be your roll-on-the-grass buddy. Chinese Shar Pey are very loving dogs that shows devotion to their families and can become quite fast closely attached to them. This dog breed should be supervised around infants (you wouldn’t let your babies go near any dog, would you?) because even as a puppy, it can already be a powerful dog and may harm small kids. It may be aggressive towards small dogs also, so it should be socialized well.
Breed Ownership Information :  Chinese Shar-Pei should only be bought from reputable Chinese Shar-Pei breeders. It is important to be sure that you understand about these dog breeds before you buy any of them. Ofcouse,every dog breed is different. You should begin your research by reading all the dog breed informations about this loving breed before buying one, Chinese Shar-Pei  puppy.
Breed Activity Information : Proper exercise is customary for this dog breed. It also  loves taking walks with its owner with fresh water always at hand in case it feels very warm. 
Breed Care Information : Unlike the Chihuahua, the Chinese Shar-Pei does not require very high maintenance. Its coat, however, should be brushed ocassionaly to remove loose hairs. Because of their facial folds, they have poor peripheral vision, therefore, these parts should be cleaned for dirt, dust and insects every once in a while.Their heads are sometimes sensitive to heat, so make sure they get plenty of shade and water during those long walks. The most common health problems associated with the Chinese Shar Pey breed are: skin allergies, ear infections and an eye condition known as entropion.
Breed Training Information :  Stubbornness can pose as a problem. It may seem a bit difficult to train, but it is also intelligent, so it’s ok. They do not like repetition. Firm handling should be exercised with this dog breed. Originally, Chinese Shar-Peis were bred to hunt and fight, and those instincts can often resurface. Socialization should be done in the early years to avoid developing such an aggressive trait when they grow up.

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