Breed Group : Toy
Weight : male: 51 lbs ( 23 kg ) ; female : 51 lbs ( 23 kg )
Height : male: 15-18 inches ( 39 – 45 centimeters ); female: 15-18 inches ( 39 – 45 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : 
 Also known as the Dragon Dog and Celestial Dog, this spitz type of dog originated from China. They were considered as sacred dogs that scare off evil spirits and serve as guards for Buddhist temples. Some people thought Chinese Foo to be related to Chow Chows and Chinese wolves and , but all this are only assumptions, not certain details. Sources show that its name might have been derived from the Chinese word for Buddha, which is Fo. This rare dog breed has been used in various tasks such as herding and hunting. It can even be used to pull sleds.

Toy dogs of this type are those with heights below 10 inches, Miniatures between 10 and 15 inches and Standard heights are above 15 inches. Small dogs weigh less than 20 pounds, Medium dogs 21 to 50 pounds and large dogs greater than 50 pounds. 
Breed Character Information : It has a natural tendency to be independent of character, which means that it may not be that obedient of a dog if it doesn’t want to be one. Even so, they are very energetic and alert. Their courage earns them plus points for those who want very effective guard dogs.
These dignified dogs are very defensive of their charge, especially if they are guarding their master’s stuff. They are also unafraid to pursue suspicious-looking strangers.
Breed Coat Information :  This double-coated (smooth plush or longer rough) dog breed can come in many colors, such as black, gray and brown, to name a few. It can also be color blue or orange or red, in various shades. Its outer coat consists of straight hairs while its undercoat is wooly and thick. This combination makes it very water-resistant.
Breed Temperament Information :  Whatever size these dogs may come in, whether, tall or small dogs, they have the same temperaments. They are certainly fun and outgoing types, very energetic as well as effective guard dogs. This dog breed possess such notable courage and alertness that you don’t even have to worry about your possessions because they are in good PAWS. A puppy can learn quickly and can easily get along well with children because of their quite friendly behavior.
Breed Ownership Information : The Chinese Foo has a natural tendency to be dominant, given its size and protective demeanor, and it may exercise that dominance to large and small dogs alike. Proper training is required for such a dog.
Breed Activity Information : An active dog such as this needs exercise, depending on their sizes. Usually, smaller ones are contented with the couch potato lifestyle, but they should still be given daily work out.
Puppies, with their limitless energy, should also receive exercise and playtime. With proper care and nutrition, this dog breed may be able to maintain a high energy level well into their later years.
Jogging and running around the yard are some of the ectivities that one can do witht heir Chinese Foo. A good game of Frisbee, hide and seek, fetch the tug rope or ball also works for these dog breeds. If these puppies or dogs happen to have fun chasing the lawnmowers as you cut grass, you can turn that into play time as well.
Breed Care Information :  Regular maintenance is required. Do not use brushes, for they don’t usually work. Rather, a toothed comb would be recommended. It is important to check for ticks and fleas in the summer, and dry coats during the winter. Hot spots obtained during the summer can be avoided by drying them off immediately with a towel or blower after a bath or a playing in the water. Clean their eyes and make sure that they can see well.
Breed Training Information :  Proper training should always be exercised. A firm hand would do this dog good. Puppies, can learn very quickly so teach them the right way first, or else, they will pick up bad habits immediately. Chinese Foos are independent thinkers, thus, you may not always receive obedience from them.
Crate trainings are good for Chinese Foo Dogs. This helps you with their house training and other problems such as chewing, etc.

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