Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 44-54 lbs ( 20 – 25 kg ) ; female : 33-44  lbs ( 15 – 20 kg )
Height : male: 16-20 inches ( 40.5 – 51 centimeters ); female: 14-16 inches ( 35.5 – 40.5  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare breed native to the autonomous southwestern municipality of Chongqing, China. It looks like a cross-breed between a Boxer and a Mastiff, but did not originate from these. Hunting was its main task, but nowadays, it is a guard dog for many Chinese families. 
Breed Character Information : This dog breed may be aloof when in the presence of strange dogs, but apart from that, they are intelligent, attentive and sharp dogs too. They can also get along well with kids. 
Breed Coat Information :  This medium-sized dog sometimes has similar coat colors with other small dogs, such as the color of deep brown/mahogany. Their coats are very thin, making them susceptible to skin diseases. 
Breed Temperament Information : Though protective of its family and owners, it can grow respect for strangers in the presence of its owners. But at the first sign of trouble, these dog breeds are said to become cautious of strangers. If it senses fear, it will prepare for action and attack at once when suspicious actions are made. Because of they are relatively larger and harsher compared to some small dogs, they are at their best as guard dogs. 
Breed Ownership Information : While in the puppy stage, these dogs tend to be a bit unfriendly to strangers. Since this dog breed has many strong, natural instincts. Therefore it goes well with an owner with the same personality, but is not physically brutal.
Breed Activity Information : Everyday, the Chinese Chongqing dog needs half an hour of vigorous exercise. They like playing in the grass, jogging and taking long walks. This breed has a natural hunting instinct, that’s why it shouldn’t be allowed to wander without a leash. It also prefers a quiet household. 
Breed Care Information :  Skin problems are of the major concern for this dog. Their average lifespan is 18 years for both males and females. Grooming is not necessary since it is short-haired and is not used as a show dog. For its diet, a human grade diet is recommended.It does not necessarily need regular veterinary checkups unlike some dog breeds, but having them may contribute to their being healthy. Owners may also opt to complete the puppy and regular vaccination series.
Breed Training Information :  Socialization while it’s still a puppy will help dealing with its natural tendency to be aloof  in the presence of unfamiliar dogs. Like all working dog breeds, they should also be socialized to non-canine pets at an early age. Rough and pain-causing techniques in training will only cause the dog to distrust its owner. So, better not use that method.

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