Breed Group : Toy
Weight : male: 3-12 ( 1.3 – 5.4 kg ) ; female : 3-12 ( 1.3 – 5.4 kg )
Height : male: 6-13 inches ( 15 – 33 centimeters ); female: 6-13 inches ( 15 – 33 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : Chi Poos are cross-breeds of Chihuahuas and Poodles, mostly Miniature Poodles. Poohuahua, Chiapoo, Wapoo (-poo or poo- in their names signify being crossbred with poodles) – these dog has a lot of names, to choose from. They are commonly referred to as designer dogs, though not as popular as the other types of cross breeds. This is not regarded as a purebred because it does not have a consistent traits and characteristics. Crossing dog breeds result to different dog characteristics, depending on the type of crossbreeding, like first generational crossing, back crossing, etc.
Breed Character Information : Loving Chi-poos show deep devotion to their owners. Even as a puppy, they tend to get attached to one person. They love following their owners around, wanting to play with them all the time. These small dogs love to cuddle and entertain their owners with tricks. A small dog such as this usually show candid expressions through its ears, either erect ones lie the Chihuahua’s or long ones from the poodle.
Breed Coat Information : Coats appear in various colors, such as white and black, black, white and brown, of different shades. They may either be wavy or curly, depending on the nature of their parents’ furs. Most have long hair which is wavy or curly. Because it has the fur of a poodle dog breed, it does not shed much compared to other dogs.
Breed Temperament Information : They form strong attachments to people or family members they are closest to. Boredom and loneliness can lead a puppy to have destructive tendencies. They can easily get along with other pets, and are very suspicious of strangers and immediately bark as a sign of warning against them and other unusual sounds.
Breed Ownership Information :  It is highly recommended that Chipoo puppies to be bought only from reputable Chi-poo breeders. Also is very important that you understand and know as much as possible about this dog breed before buying one. You can do some research by reading Chi-Poo-Chipoo dog breed information on the internet. 
Breed Activity Information : Apartments can easily suit this type of breed, but it should be receiving the rught amount of exercise that it needs. Mental stimulation is also vital for this dogs to increase their mental capacities. Even as a puppy, Chipoos are have active indoor activity. It often runs around, so it needs a lot of room for it to do that. 
Breed Care Information : Some of the health problems for this breed include snoring and wheezing. Sometimes dental problems may also be present. To prevent this, dental chews are highly recommended for use. Another health problem this dog breed include is eye diseases .Sometimes concerning digestive problems,can appear,when this happens,it’s recommended certified vets should be consulted.Depending on its type of coat, the Chi-poo needs regular brushing or professional clipping. Bathe when necessary.
Breed Training Information :  At the puppy stage, they should already be socialized and trained for obedience. Housetraining may be difficult, but this dog breed is intelligent and very eager to please, so you can correct it with lots of patience. Training should be done gently and not harshly.

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