Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 65-80 lbs ( 29 – 36 kg ) ; female : 55-70 lbs ( 25 – 32 kg )
Height : male: 23-26 inches ( 58 – 66 centimeters ); female: 21-24 inches ( 53 – 61 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  The Chesapeake Bay’s “Chessie” is a type of dog breed that can hunt even under harsh rainy conditions. This dog breed’s coat is just like its character: very protective. It is also a very dominant dog that likes to keep on going and doing a lot of activities.
Breed Character Information : It has a bit of a superiority complex, with a natural tendency to defend its alpha dog position and may get aggressive with either large or small dogs. This dog breed is very territorial and puppies of this kind start of slow in becoming mature dogs.The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is unlike other hunting dog breeds. They have this annoying characteristic of selectively hearing commands and may tend to ignore some of them. This does not mean that it is a bad dog. Good training fixes everything.
Breed Coat Information : A Chesapeake’s coat can either be color brown or tan or straw, in varying shades of each. White spots sometimes appear in puppies, or even in adult Chessies, but only on the chest, belly and toes.
Breed Temperament Information :  Don’t get it wrong, but sometimes its growls can be an expression of happiness. These dogs are naturally affectionate, though not necessarily the cute and cuddly type like the Cocker Spaniel, but affectionate nevertheless. And protective too.
Breed Ownership Information :  If you want really good watchdogs for your family, then the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is good for you. Having superior guarding abilities, this very obedient dog would suit large families well. A puppy’s temperament can be deduced from the temperament of its parents. So it would be recommended that you ask about a puppy’s parents first before buying it. This breed should be mingled with other dogs too, whether large or small dogs. This would produce a dog that can get along well with any type of animal.
Breed Activity Information :  May it be a fine day, sunny or rainy or cold, these dogs can do (and love) any type of exercise. They need regular and long hours of exercise and many other activities. These dogs have a notable knack for hunting because they can do it in any type of weather. They can stand even the harshest of weathers without backing down in the midst of the storm. They are also hardworking dogs, so if you are the outdoorsy and adventurous type of person, you will surely enjoy the company of this dog.
Breed Care Information :  Some of the most common health concerns for this dog breed ,are :hip dysplasia, epilepsy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy,and dwarfism. The Hip dysplasia is very common among dog breeds, most of the time it’s a cause of arthritis.

The Chessie, like all dog breeds, is required to have regular visits to the veterinar  and should have completed all the vaccines that are needed to take from the time that it is still a puppy.
Breed Training Information :  For this dog breed, obedience training is required. A Patient trainer should be assigned to this dog, since its stubborn behavior is quite a lot to handle. Though stubborn, one should not lift a heavy hand on this dog, since this will only make it worse.There is a profit when one is patient: a dog with good manners. Though a bit stubborn, it is able to learn at a fast pace; just give him some praise and dog treats every once in a while. It is a rather legalistic dog and will attempt to enforce the same rules on “lesser” dogs.

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