Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 121-176 lbs ( 54-79 kg ) ; female : 88-143 ( 40-65 kg )
Height : male: 27-32 inches ( 69 – 81 centimeters ); female: 24-27 inches ( 61 – 69 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : The Central Asian Ovtcharka or the Turkmen Wolfhound descended from a Mastiff dog breed. It’s rather long and its size is mostly accounted for its big bones. Powerful limbs and shoulders, giving them an overall rugged appearance compared to other small dogs. An interesting fact about the Central Asian Ovtcharja is that it has been ixisting for 4000 years already. Its true origin is not known, though many believe that it descended from the Tibetan Mastiff. This breed is commonly found in some parts of Asia such as Russia and Siberia.
Breed Character Information : The Central Asian Ovtcharka was highly demanded as cattle guards. Its very territorial behavior and protective demeanor towards intruders and predators makes it a very eligible guard. This dog breed should be well-socialized if they are not to be used as flock guards. They get along well with domestic cats and other pets, as well as dogs of other kinds, as long as the other dog poses no threat to the flock. Owners should have an understanding about dogs of flock guard types and their different temperaments. This dog breed is not a recommended for someone who wants to have a cute, cuddly, and timid dog.
Breed Coat Information :  Coats may come in black or white and different shades of pale yellowish brown. It may also be flecked. It can either be long or short, depending on owner preferences.
Breed Temperament Information :  The Central Asian Ovtcharka is an epitome of confidence and authority. Very calm and does not easily back down, these easily-suspicious dogs make very good guards. Puppies should still be watched when they are with young children. They have a dominant personality, whether to other dogs or puppies. Their barks at night may become annoying, especially if you live in a close neighborhood.
Breed Ownership Information :  This dog breed is selectively bred by experts for their useful guarding and working abilities. This selective breeding produced very obedient dogs with excellent protective skills.
Breed Activity Information :  All dogs require activity. Hiking and jogging would be great for the Central Asian Ovtcharka. Long walks may be done as alternative exercise for jogging. They may look lazy sometimes, but don’t be fooled. When these dogs work, they take it seriously, though they don’t look like it.
Breed Care Information :  Some large dog breeds usually have elbow and hip problems, this is why they should undergo genetic examination. If not screened,the future puppies will probably have similar problems, so,it’s highly recommended to take precautionary measures.
Breed Training Information :  Owners need not use complicated training methods for them to learn do’s and don’ts. These not-so-small dogs should be within a securely fenced yard, for they have a natural instinct for territorial expansion. Chewing around stuff and digging the ground are only some of the ways that an Ovtcharka can think to relieve themselves of boredom.

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