Breed Group : Toy
Weight : male: 6-20 lbs ( 2.7 – 9 kg ) ; female : 6-20 lbs ( 2.7 – 9 kg )
Height : male: 11-15 inches ( 27 – 38 centimeters ); female: 11-15 inches ( 27 – 38 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  Cavapoos, or Cavoodles, are one of those small cross-breed type of dogs. It is most often a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle, its small size on account of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Adults of this type of breed usually reach a height up to approximately 25 centimeters. Cavapoo owners choose this dog breed since they have non-shedding coats and make a great family pet.
Breed Character Information :  It is a small dog that has long, floppy ears. They are small to medium-sized dogs with fun and animated faces.
Breed Coat Information :  Puppies of this breed have coats in different colors including black, white and chestnut. It can even exist in gold and tricolor.Cavapoos are noted for their hair. Regular grooming is necessary for this dog breed. A common problem that owners experience regarding these dogs’ hair is knotting. Their toenails usually get caught up in their fur. To resolve this problem, owners should simply pull away the hair from the nail gently to avoid any more damage.
Breed Temperament Information : These dogs give justice to the phrase “Man’s best friend” since they love being around with humans and are very friendly indeed. Not only are they energetic dog breeds, they are also intelligent and are suitable for all: kids, parents, grandparents, teens, name it. These small dogs are suitable for almost all kinds of lifestyle. Their loyalty lies with their owner. Its playful behavior makes it very suitable to almost any type of person. They also get along well with other pets. Suspicious sounds and approaching visitors usually get them barking. Depression may get the best of them when left alone for a long period.
Breed Ownership Information : Puppies should only be bought from trustworthy breeders who know a lot about dog breeds. Every puppy breed is different. Cavapoo puppy information is provided above.
Breed Activity Information :  Though this type of dog is small, it is important that they get exercise. Cavapoos can do with leashed walks (daily) and playing in a fenced yard.
Breed Care Information : To prevent matting and tangling, coats should undergo routine brushing. Professional clipping may be done when necessary. Ears should be cleaned and nails should be trimmed (to prevent tangling with the hair). It would be good for owners to be informed that these dogs are prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia, PRA and eye disease. 
Breed Training Information : Cavapoos should undergo early socialization and obedience. Though it is very difficult to housetrain, one should remain patient, because it’s a dog and not human, after all. So far, the best method used is crate training. Heavy-handed methods should not be used. Training requires patience from the owner. S/he should also be consistent, and should be creative in his/her approach.

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