Breed Group : unknown
Weight : male: 10-20 lbs ( 4.5-9 kg ) ; female : 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kg )
Height : male: 12-16 inches ( 30-40 centimeters ); female: 12-16 inches ( 30-40  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :Dogs are regarded as man’s best friend. They are loved by many people around the world. However, small dogs are more popular because of their cuteness and charm.           Cavachon is one of the small dog breeds that are popular nowadays. If you have asthma or allergies, having pets is not anymore a problem if you have a Cavachon. They are suitable for people who have asthma and allergy problems. Furthermore, you can find Cavachon Dog Breed Information’s below.
Breed Character Information :Cavachon is a combination of two dog breeds, the Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in particular. People are attracted to Cavachon because of their large and expressive eyes. They are intelligent, small dogs that are lovable and energetic. They love to play with children, especially with the children of the family they are raised with. They also love to play with other pets in the family.
Breed Coat Information :Cavachon’s coat is beautiful. Their coats are bit wavy and curly. They have a silky coat that comes in different colors. The colors of their coat may be a combination of red and white, white and sable, black and white or sometimes a combination of the three. Their coat is a non-allergenic coat. They shed low or none at all.
Breed Temperament Information :Cavachon are lively, well-built, robust, animated, energetic and intelligent dogs. They are not violent, but they will make sure that the family will be alert if they notice some unusual and doubtful things. Cavachon are very affectionate, and loyal to the family. They want the attention of the family and are not recommended to be left alone for long period of time. Cavachon are sweet and friendly and they have a people-loving personality.
Breed Ownership Information :If you want to purchase this kind of breed, make sure you have enough knowledge in handling a Cavachon. It is better to have them while still a puppy to have more time of training them. You can visit sites or purchase them from Cavachon rescuers.
Breed Activity Information : Cavachon are very energetic dogs, they love to play especially with children and other pets in the house. They enjoy activities with the family who raised them. They are more comfortable and suited in an apartment life and they really like indoor activities.
Breed Care Information :You can take care of your Cavachon by regularly bringing them to their vet. You must also take good care of their teeth to avoid early tooth loss. Cleaning their ear regularly is also one of the ways to maintain their hygiene. Regular brushing and expert cutting are recommended.  You could also bring them to a professional grooming. Some of Cavachon’s health problems are heart disease, skin problems and ear infections.
Breed Training Information : Training a Cavachon is good while it is still a puppy. You must be patient and fair when training them. Consistent training is effective and highly recommended. Socializing your Cavachon as early as a puppy, meet them with other people and let them play with other dogs and children are good for their training.

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