Breed Group : unknown
Weight : male: 30-44 lbs ( 36-63.5 kg ) ; female : 30-44 lbs (36-63.5 kg )
Height : male: 17-24 inches ( 55-71 centimeters ); female: 17-24 inches ( 55-71  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :Carolina Dogs are said to have descended from Asian “pariah dogs”.  This dog breed is not a fully domesticated breed.  It has the combined qualities of a caring, affectionate, helpful and defending companion.  This Carolina Dogs are independent.  They become friendly in time but slightly introverted with strangers. They can be great friends with children and they do great at work. 
Breed Character Information :In general, Carolina Dog breed is timid and apprehensive in nature.  This dog breed is a medium built puppy, the most features of most feral dog types can be seen to this breed of dog.  This small dog should be kept in a natural state, and no trimming should be done.  These Carolina dogs have powerfully built, average-sized frames enclosed in little coats that come in tan, black & tan and off-white.  They have sturdy necks lead to narrow chests, straight backs and fat tails that either hang low or curl in a hook.  Their heads are wedge-formed with sharp ears, elongated muzzles and dark, almond-shaped eyes.  Overall, Carolina Dogs have a ruggedly good-looking appearance.
Breed Coat Information :The coat of this puppy is small with exact seasonal variation. The winter coat is heavier than the summer coat due to the abundance of undercoat. The hair is short in size and soft on the head, legs and ears. The covering is elastic, but not loose. Long curly, wavy or broken coats should be considered imperfect   Animals showing undue peeling at appropriate times of the year should not be penalized.Temperament:  The general characteristic of this small dog is timid and suspicious.  This puppy is an introverted pet.  Aloof to strangers but this puppy is kind and affectionate.
Breed Temperament Information :Carolina dogs have good temperament. They are timid and shy; however, they get along with other small dogs well. They could also be great pets especially if trained properly.
Breed Ownership Information :Each puppy breed is unique.  Do some research and begin by reading the information about this Carolina Dog breed above.  And if you are trying to look for Carolina Dog puppies for sale from any highly-regarded Carolina Dog breeders or to adopt from any Carolina Dog rescue you must be equipped with information about this king of puppies.
Breed Activity Information :  To stay fit and always alert the Carolina Dog breed requires daily exercise in the form of a walk or let free to run a fenced yard.  This will ensure that your pet can perform the activities suited for him.
Breed Care Information :The Carolina Dog requires simple grooming. Brush irregularly and bathe when needed. In this simple way, you can ensure that your puppy is clean.  Taking good care this dog breed is just practical because their maintenance is free.
Breed Training Information :  The Carolina Dog trains easily.  This dog breed learns easily and is obedient with its masters. They also are bright enough to learn new things.

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