Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 66-88 lbs ( 30 – 40 kg ) ; female : 44-66 lbs ( 20 – 30 kg )
Height : male: 21.5-23.5 inches ( 55 – 60 centimeters ); female: 20.5-22.5 inches ( 52 – 57 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :  Dogs are man’s best friend. They have been one of the most popular pets for families, especially the small dogs. In getting a dog or puppy of your own, Cao De Castro Laboriro breed would be one of your options. Some of the Cao De Castro Laboriro breed information’s are listed here for a better knowledge of this breed.   
Cao de Castro Laboreiro is one of the ancient dog breeds and is not popular. They originated in Portugal and rarely could be seen. Cao de Castro Laboreiro can also be called Portuguese Cattle dog, Castro Laboreiro Livestock Guarding Dog or simply Castro Laboreiro Dog. Cao De Castro Laboreiro breed is known to be a guardian of property and livestock.
Breed Character Information :Cao De Castro Laboreiro is active and dominant. This kind of breed has a strong and frightening appearance. They are vigorous, strong, muscular and have an impressive and arrogant look.
Breed Coat Information :  Portuguese Cattle Dog or the Laboreiro breed has a single coat. The colors of the coat are usually mahogany, chestnut and brown. Their coat is weather resistant. When you touch the Laboreiro, you can feel the roughness and thickness of its coat.
Breed Temperament Information : Laboreiro can be a good guardian to your property and livestock. They are brave, dynamic and intelligent dog breeds. They are protective with their property and can be a frightening enemy if they feel they are in danger or threatened. Laboreiro guards its territory well. It will not allow any stranger near its territory. If there is anyone inside its territory that looks suspicious, the Laboreiro will watch that stranger closely, and if it feels that there is danger, it will bark. Laboreiro is loyal to its owner, thus, it will only obey its owner. It is patient and tolerant to the children of the family of its owner. Cruel treatment and harsh training are not good for Laboreiro. One should really have to be patient and be kind when training the Laboreiro so that it will love and respect you. It is better to train the Laboreiro when it is still a puppy, just like other breeds.
Breed Ownership Information : If you want to have a Cao De Castro Laboreiro breed or any kind of dog breed, you must know first what kind of breed it is, because breeds are different from each other. You must also know how to take care of it and know if the dog breed suits you. You can adopt a Cao De Castro from a Cao De Castro Laboreiro rescue.
Breed Activity Information : Cao De Castro usually plays with the children of the family they are raised with. The activities of Cao De Castro include roaming around with its territory and a long walk daily. Living in an apartment is not recommended to Cao De Castro Laboreiro. It needs sufficient space to stay with.
Breed Care Information : There is no known health problem for this kind of breed. So, when you apply medicine or vaccine to your dog, consult first your veterinarian. You can take the Laboreiro to bath, but it shall only be done when it is necessary. The hair of Cao De Castro Laboreiro can be dead and loose, so regular brushing is highly recommended.
Breed Training Information : It is good to train a Cao De Castro Laboreiro while it is a puppy. Bad training is not recommended, it will only frighten the Laboreiro. This kind of breed can be difficult to control; you need to train it effectively. It will only obey the command of its master.

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