Breed Group : unknown
Weight : male: 80-140 lbs ( 36-63.5 kg ) ; female : 80-140 lbs (36-63.5 kg )
Height : male: 22-28 inches ( 55-71 centimeters ); female: 22-28 inches ( 55-71  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Cane Corso Mastiff is said to have descended from the old Roman war dogs.  Because of their enormous power, loyalty, bravery, swiftness and willingness to work they are given value by the farmers and hunters.  During the Middle Ages, this small dog was very good hunters and magnificent bull baiters.  The Corso Mastiff favored agility and speed.  Until this day, Corso Mastiff is still used on hunting purposes and in farms.  This dog breed has a bad reputation of being aggressive because of his immense power. 
Breed Character Information :Even though powerful, the Cane Corso Mastiff is fearless. It is also very committed and loyal.  This dog breed is not advisable to be pets to everyone this is because of its power.  Right training and socialization must be given to make a lovely companion. This small puppy is a fearless family protector but given with the friendly and right environment it will make a great companion.  Cane Corso Mastiff has a balanced temperament.  It makes a wonderful family pet despite of his all around appearance and small size. The ears of this breed are naturally dropped forward.  Most of this breed has docked tails. 
Breed Coat Information :The Cane Corso Mastiff has a extremely small, even and thick coat that should be insensitive to the touch, and somewhat coarse.  To look great, their coats should remain shiny but should never be silky.  The hair of this small puppy should never be soft, but very thick, coarse and shiny. When removing some hair from this puppy it should be fairly uncomplicated using a designer rubber glove because this kind of dog sheds little hair.  The coat is small with cyclical differences. The hair is just short and soft on the head, legs and ears. 
Breed Temperament Information :The Cane Corso Mastiff dog breed is not friendly when it comes to strangers.  They are loyal, committed, and protective; surely this small dog will make a great companion.  This dog breed really makes a good companion, but never left this puppy unsupervised with children because it has a sheer size and power.  He is not independent, because it still depends around the children in the family, but it can protect you from other people especially to strangers.  This class of dogs should not be left and trusted with very small animals, but Cane Corso Mastiff dog breed can live in harmony with cats and with the other dogs.
Breed Ownership Information :Each puppy breed is unique.  Do some research and begin by reading the information about this Cane Corso Mastiff Dog breed above.  And if you are trying to look for Cane Corso Mastiff Dog puppies for sale from any highly-regarded Cane Corso Mastiff Dog breeders or to adopt from any Cane Corso Mastiff Dog rescue you must be equipped with information about this king of puppies.
Breed Activity Information :  To stay fit and active, the Cane Corso Mastiff breed dog needs enormous exercise and physical activities.  To maintain his powerful muscles and massive strength, it is required and it is a must that there must be a fenced in the yard. If you love jogging and hiking then Cane Corso Mastiff breed dog can be a great companion. 90 minutes of exercise per day is required for this breed, but to keep his muscles in great shape more time of exercise is recommended.
Breed Care Information :Because of the very light shedder of Cane Corso Mastiff dog, its grooming is not complicated.  A wash down with a wet cloth and infrequent brushing and/or combing with a hard bristle or rubber brush should be adequate.  Although the mouth of Cane Corso Mastiff needs to be cleaned frequently as this small puppy has the tendency to salivate quite a bit, it only requires a minimal grooming.  Professional care is required for the eyes of this dog breed because they are very droopy that might cause irritation.
Breed Training Information :  It is not advisable that an average handler would train the Cane Corso Mastiff.  It is extremely powerful and if not in the right home it can be dominant.  The handler is advised to remain determinant, firm and consistent.  But still different kinds of training methods work best with this stubborn breed of dog.  It is a must that the handler must be dominant. Because of the intelligence and agility of Cane Corso Mastiff it is very trainable.  The Cane Corso Mastiff needs lots of exercise to stay healthy and active. This breed requires a fenced in yard to maintain his powerful muscles and immense strength. The Cane Corso Mastiff is an ideal jogging companion and loves to go on long hikes with his master. This breed requires at least 90 minutes of exercise per day, however more is recommended to keep his muscles in great shape.

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