Breed Group : unknown
Weight : male: 44-55 lbs (20-25 kg ) ; female : 33-44 lbs ( 15-20 kg )
Height : male: 25-29  inches ( 63.5-73 centimeters ); female: 23-27  inches ( 58-68 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Azawakh was bred by nomadic tribesmen for hunting guarding and for being a companion. They are very fast at running and can reach up to 40 miles an hour and sustain it. The Azawakh is one of the fastest dog breeds around. The Azawakh is very good at hunting hares and gazelles. These small dogs are very rare in North America. With their fast running and good guarding, it is also considered as one of the best guard dogs in all dog breeds.
Breed Character Information :The Azawakh is a very elegant and strong instance. It has a somewhat athletic stance even as a puppy. It is slender and athletic in appearance. Like other good watchdogs, it is very watchful and aware. It is fast, swift, and aloof in nature
Breed Coat Information :The coat of these small dogs is very simple. Its coat is closed, short in length, and silky. It is one of the dog breeds that are an average shedder.
Breed Temperament Information :It is considered a true pack dog. Like few dog breeds, the Azawakh does well only with dogs they have been raised up with. Experts do not recommend the Azawakh to first-time dog owners or owners who haven’t had canine dogs. These small dogs do not do well with small children. Even though they do well with adult children who are considerate, respectful, and affectionate, the Azawakh should never be left with them unsupervised. These small dogs are very protective of their territory, home, and with their family. Their awareness is very high along with their suspicious nature, especially with strangers. Even though they are not that soft and happy go lucky type of dog breeds, they are very loyal, loving, affectionate, gentle, and devoted to the family they are with and to the people they know. The Azawakh is a somewhat royal and noble breed with an astounding endurance.
Breed Ownership Information :The Azawakh breed is recommended to families with adult children who are considerate and respectful. It is best advised that the Azawakh should be bought as a puppy or be bred with a family for it does well with people and other dogs it has been raised with. It is not wise for a first-time dog owner to buy such dogs and for owners who have not yet had canine dogs. It is a very good watchdog, like the other watchdog dog breeds.
Breed Activity Information :Since the Azawakh is a very active type of small dog, it requires an active dog owner. Among other dog breeds who are not good for apartment living, the Azawakh is one of them. It does well in big fenced areas or in a rural place, which gives it space to run. These small dogs excel in lure coursing and field hunting. It has very high agility. Its activeness and athleticism show in hiking, jogging, and swimming. It enjoys family time like family play around and other family activities.
Breed Care Information :The Azawakh only needs an occasional brushing. Like some other dog breeds, bathing these small dogs should only be done when it is necessary to use a mild shampoo. Dry shampooing will do well. It is advised that its ears and paw pads should be checked. The Azawakh has its own share of health problems like other small dogs. It is prone to myositis, spondylosis, autoimmune problems, and seizures. Cold climates are not recommended for Azawakh small dogs.
Breed Training Information : It is best that the Azawakh should be trained as early as it is a puppy with obedience. Early interaction and socialization are also required. These small dogs do not respond to hard and harsh methods since it is calm in nature like most dog breeds. Training is done best with fairness, respect, firmness, and motivation.

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