Breed Group : Herding
Weight : male: 50-65 lbs (22 – 30 kg ) ; female : 40-55 lbs ( 18 – 25 kg )
Height : male: 20-23 inches ( 51 – 58 centimeters ); female: 18-21 inches (45 – 53  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information : The origin of the Australian Shepherd is not known by anyone but it was developed in the United States. This is one of the dog breeds that is well known in the world. It is loved and adored. The Australian Shepherd is agile and versatile, which makes it good in ranches and farms in herding, retriever, and as a watchdog. The Australian Shepherd is also called the Aussie.
Breed Character Information :The most identifiable and well-known characteristic of the Australian Shepherd is its docked or natural bobtail. Its eyes are the most loved for it comes in many, different, and in a variety of color combinations. It can be in blue, amber, hazel, and all shades of brown. It is a vigorous and athletic build.
Breed Coat Information : The Australian Shepherd has a beautiful and varied coat. It is in normal length, wavy to straight, and is resistant to weather. The inner coat sheds moderately twice every year. The coat of the Australian Shepherd breed is in four colors: red merle, merle red, blue, and black. White and tan markings can be seen on the face, front and rear legs, and chest.
Breed Temperament Information :The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, delightful, and very loyal to its family. They are energetic and have a high amount of stamina. It likes being given something to do. It is very hardworking, intense, and does not quit. Its herding might be a little weird and annoying and their family might be a little annoyed with it because it performs it on anyone or anything that moves. They are reserved, cautious, and careful with people they have just seen. It is confident with itself and protective of its family. Having a human as its companion is needed for it.  They are more comfortable with active and affectionate children. The Aussie is neither that friendly nor harsh to other dog breeds.
Breed Ownership Information :The Australian Shepherd is best bought when it is still a puppy for when it is an adult, it becomes cautious and careful to people they have just seen. It is a good guard dog for it is protective when it comes to its family and home. It does not doubt itself making it reliable in guarding. Plus, it is intelligent and is a good companion to have. It is very loyal to its master and family-like other small dogs.  
Breed Activity Information :The Australian Shepherd requires an amount of exercise enough to its liking. A walk around the block is not enough. The Aussie loves running around, playing, herding, and other lively activities. They really love it when they interact and socialize with people and when they are given some work to do. They are active inside houses and they like being in big backyards that are fenced and safe.
Breed Care Information :The Aussie only needs little grooming. Brushing using a firm bristle brush is only done occasionally. It is recommended that the Aussie should be brushed deeply when it is in its seasonal shedding. Bathing should only be done when it is really necessary. The merle color has a blind or deaf factor. Its natural or docked bobtail can have a spinal defect that may severely affect the Australian Shepherd. They can also be susceptible to cataracts, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.
Breed Training Information :The Aussie, since its intelligence is high, can be trained without difficulty. Like other small dogs, early interaction and socialization is needed for them to be better, especially in its puppy years. It is important to make them know or learn who their master is so that there would not be any behavioral problems. Training the Aussie needs fairness, firmness, consistency, and direction. Repetitive training makes it boring for them.

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