Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 25-45  lbs (11 – 20.4 kg ) ; female : 25-45 lbs ( 11 – 20.4 kg )
Height : male: 17-20 inches ( 43 – 51 centimeters ); female: 17-20 inches (43 – 51  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :It originated in Australia during 1870. The Australian Kelpie is admired as an outstanding breed for its strong and effective herding and guarding skills. It can also work in poultry, with goats, cattle, sheep, and reindeer. They are the most popular kind of dog breeds in Australia and they are also known in other countries.
Breed Character Information :The Australian Kelpie has very keen senses and very alert. It is also very agile and versatile and has a limitless like stamina. It is also considered as the best medium-sized performing dog of all sheepdog dog breeds. Despite their size and compact and muscular body, they are fast without limitation
Breed Coat Information :The Australian Kelpie is like some other dog breeds that are double-coated. The outer coat is straight, hard, and is resistant to weather. The inner coat is short and dense. It is an average shedder. Its color can be red, red chestnut, black, black chestnut, tan, blue-gray, and dark chestnut.
Breed Temperament Information :The Australian Kelpie is one of the small dogs you would consider a real loyal companion. It is mild-mannered when it is with its family at home and intense and aggressive when working. It is not that affectionate and most of the time, it only bonds with just one person, mostly with the person it grew up as a puppy. They are so devoted and friendly to their master. As long as a person has been with the Australian Kelpie when it was still a puppy, it will do well with that person, especially with a child. It does ok with other dogs, pets, and other animals. The Australian Kelpie is not that aggressive but will guard and protect the people he has gone used to and its territory even though there is a risk.
Breed Ownership Information :It is best that the Australian Kelpie should be bought when it is still a puppy since it does well with the people it grew up with. It is best for a family since it is mild-mannered but it will guard and protect its family and their home. It would make a good guard dog since it is strong, agile, and intelligent. It is almost an all-around dog like the Australian Cattle dog and other dog breeds.  
Breed Activity Information :The Australian Kelpie is not for city houses or apartments for it needs a big area. It has a limitless amount of stamina so it needs to be in rural places, a big area for it to exercise and it needs a lot of jobs to do. If it becomes bored like other small dogs, it becomes destructive.
Breed Care Information :The Australian Kelpie would only need occasional brushing for its coat. Bathing of it should only be done when it is really necessary. Dental check-up and hygiene is needed for it, not like other small dogs for it is one of the dog breeds that are prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
Breed Training Information :The Australian Kelpie is used to being independent and is intelligent. Early interaction and socialization are recommended especially when it is still a puppy for it to be at ease with the owner and its family. They do not respond to hard or severe methods from their master. Training should be accompanied by fairness, firmness, and consistency.

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