Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 25-70 lbs (11 – 32 kg ) ; female : 25-70 lbs ( 11 – 32 kg )
Height : male: 14-23 inches ( 35 – 58 centimeters ); female: 14-23 inches (35 – 58  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Aussiedoodle is one of the many dog breeds, which are hybrid. It is a crossbreed between a Miniature Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The Aussiedoodle can show both traits of a Poodle or an Australian Shepherd. These small dogs have a big role in today’s designer dog trend even though the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club do not recognize them. The Aussiedoodle Breed has low dander and low shedding characteristic even though it has a longer coat than the Poodle Breed. It is very attractive especially when it is a puppy and is highly intelligent which it inherited from the Poodle.
Breed Character Information :The Aussiedoodle, even as a puppy, has a somewhat rectangular build making it have a proud and strong stance plus its body is muscular. It is also lithe and agile and is very versatile. But due to the mixed lineage, it has from the Australian shepherd and doodle, its appearances can vary.
Breed Coat Information :Among the other dog breeds, the Aussiedoodle may or may not have any coat at all. Its coat, if it has, can be curly, wavy, or even straight. Its coat can even be long or short. Almost everything with the Aussiedoodle can vary.
Breed Temperament Information :The Aussiedoodle’s temperament, like other dog breeds, is even. And like most small dogs, they are very loveable and are very sweet. It is comfortable with other dogs and with other house pets. It also does well with people for it is very friendly, especially with children. Since it has a very nice approach with people, it is not a good guard dog or watchdog. Overall, Aussiedoodle has a very pleasing personality.
Breed Ownership Information :The Aussiedoodle is one of the best pets a family can have. With its very versatile and pleasing personality and temperament, they are loved and adored by the people and families that buy them. They are fun to be with since they are comfortable with people and other pets. But since it is not a good guard dog, it can only be a companion.
Breed Activity Information :The Aussiedoodle with its muscular body and is agile, it is very athletic. It would need a high level of exercise and mental exercise so it would not become boring. These kind of small dogs do well in medium-sized houses or apartments as long as its needs are met. Like other dog breeds, they love fenced areas especially an area with a big space. Since it is an active puppy, they need room to run and move around.
Breed Care Information :The Aussiedoodle’s care depends on its coat type. It may need a lot of brushing or just a little and may need clipping. It is required to always check and clean the Aussiedoodle’s ears. It is prone to health problems such as hip, patella, and elbow dysplasia and PRA. This puppy reacts severely to a medication called Ivermectin, which is used for heartworms.
Breed Training Information :The Aussiedoodle, as stated earlier, is highly intelligent which makes it eager to learn. These small dogs are obedient and need socialization and interaction with people. Since the Aussiedoodle never responds to hard, harsh, and severe methods, its training must be done with fairness, patience, care, reward, firmness, and consistency.

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