Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 90-100 lbs (40 – 45 kg ) ; female : 80-90 lbs ( 36 – 40 kg )
Height : male: 24.5-27.5 inches ( 62 – 70centimeters ); female: 23.5-26  inches (60 – 63.5  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Argentine Dogo dog breed information’s can be traced back in Argentine where in this type of breed can also be called the Dogo Argentino or the Argentinian Mastiff. Developed in Argentine, this type of dog breed is good for big-game hunting. In the 1920s on the other hand, it was Antonio Nores Martinez that started this breed to bring about a type that will be great for big-game huntings. Not only will it be responsible for such activity, but it will also be a good and loyal pet to the whole family.
Breed Character Information :Dog breeds such as the Argentine Dogo have a large, game-bred muscular structure. They display both power and athletic abilities. It was bred specifically to avoid dog aggression problems that are already part of the Cordoba Fighting Dog. They may develop a rather aggressive nature if not socialized with other dogs especially when started with small dogs.
Breed Coat Information :Even as small dogs, Argentine Dogo dogs are large, white, and short-coated. The size ranges from 24-27 inches and weighs around 80-100 pounds. Female dogs may be somewhat longer in the body than their male counterparts. They have slightly domed skulls for their heads and their ears may be cropped. They have relatively short tails.
Breed Temperament Information :The Argentine Dogo, amongst any other dog breeds, are extremely loyal and affectionate towards their families. They have a high pain tolerance set because of their selective breeding in becoming big game hunter types of dogs. They are protective types of the breed and even having a puppy, you will certainly notice that they will get along well with other dogs just as long as you are able to socialize them with other dogs. For Argentine Dogo, dog aggression is not desirable. They can develop a dominant temperament if not trained very well at an early age. An experienced handler can train them very well for this.
Breed Ownership Information :Having a puppy such as the Argentine Dogo, you will definitely observe that it is an excellent guardian of the home. It is very loyal and playful. It is good around children and loves to cuddle them and those around the family circle. They are very easy to train as they are highly intelligent and powerful. In terms of ownership, this type of breed is not for everyone. Breeders and owners should work hand in hand with owners to be able to set this type of dog breed at home.
Breed Activity Information :Argentine Dogo needs plenty of exercise. Long daily walks are needed for this type of breed. 
Breed Care Information :The Argentine Dogo breed does well inside the home just as long as it gets enough exercise. It does well with a medium-sized yard. It does not have any health conditions at all. It has a life span of around 10-12 years. The single white coat of the Argentine Dogo is very easy to groom and it doesn’t have any doggy smelling bad odor. The nails just tend to grow fast so it is best that owners should pay attention to it.
Breed Training Information :As part of the training, the Argentine Dogo needs to have long, daily walks or even jogging. It requires early obedience training for them to have socialization skills with other dogs as there are some adult dogs which can be aggressive with other dogs. 

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