Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 60-70 lbs (50 – 68 kg ) ; female : 50-60 lbs ( 36 – 55 kg )
Height : male: 22-23 inches ( 73 centimeters ); female: 18-20 inches (68  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :An Appenzell Mountain dog breed information’s origins can be traced to its theories way back. The first theory states that it is a native breed back form Bronze Age. The second one is that it descended from Molossus which was then brought by the Romans to Switzerland. It is then one of the four Swish Sennenhunds which is the rarest. On the other hand, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is a herding dog and is very adept at the mountains.
Breed Character Information :When you have a puppy such as the Appenzell Mountain dog, you will notice that this is one of the dog breeds which prefers to live outdoors. It has a height ranging from 22-23 inches and weighs about 49-70 pounds. A fairly healthy breed, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is a muscular, hardy animal and a very versatile type of dog.
Breed Coat Information :Even as small dogs, one will notice its coat being short but double and is considerably tight, thick, and glossy. The colors may either be black or brown with white or rust marks on it. It has a flat head and its eyes are small and dark. Its ears are pendant and its limbs are straight. Its tail is rolled upon its back.
Breed Temperament Information :Of the dog breeds, the Appenzell Mountain Dog has a temperament wherein it tends to bond closely with just one person. It is fine around children and it responds best to good and calm training. It is a very intelligent breed and thus, it learns very quickly. It loves the outdoors very much. Overall, this type of breed is noisy and extroverted thus making them a good watchdog. On the other hand, Appenzell Mountain dogs are very affectionate.
Breed Ownership Information :Even small dogs such as the Appenzell Mountain Dog, they like to bark and run free so they are not suited for areas with close neighbors. It is very loyal to the whole family and greets them effusively. They are unsure of strangers but when trained very well, will be able to socialize with them.
Breed Activity Information :As a puppy, the Appenzell Mountain Dog has strong herding instincts which keep it running around everywhere. On the other hand, it likes to stay outdoors and bonds greatly with its territory. Long daily walks are important for an Appenzell Mountain dog. It will make it completely happy indeed. Also, agility skill trials and catching games are good for this type of breed.
Breed Care Information :Since Appenzell Mountain dogs are straight-haired with a double coat, then it requires just a little attention. It is very easy to care with. All that is needed is a rubber brush to remove dead hair.
Breed Training Information :The Appenzell Mountain dog needs to have agility skills training and catching games as part of their sports or training. They also need to have long walks for them to be trained well since they are an outdoor type of breed. Their energy level is from high to very high. They are intense, active, and agile and thus need to be trained in terms of having a well-calmed perception. 

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