Breed Group : Working
Weight : male: 110-150  lbs (50 – 68 kg ) ; female : 80-120 lbs ( 36 – 55 kg )
Height : male: 29 inches ( 73 centimeters ); female: 27 inches (68  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :The Anatolian Shepherd dog breed information can be retrieved from its various sources such as its origins. This is the type of dog breed that came from Central Turkey, formerly called Anatolia, and are bred for guarding flocks of sheep from many predators such as bears, wolves, etc. Looking historically, they were originally imported by author Charmian Hussey into Britain.  
Breed Character Information :Dog breeds such as the Anatolian Shepherd has a height of around 28-30 inches and weighs around 100-150 pounds. It produces around 5-10 puppies and has a life span of around 12-15 years. Their character tends to be independent and forceful, making them very challenging as pets. This type of breed is very muscular. They also possess excellent senses of sight and hearing to help them with guarding of their charges.
Breed Coat Information :If you have a puppy of this type of breed, you may notice that its coat can be of any color and length. It has a thick neck and a sturdy body.
Breed Temperament Information :One of the dog breeds that are independent and forceful is this Anatolian Shepherd. It is very responsible for guarding the flocks of its master. They are a very intelligent breed and can choose not to obey. They must be taught how to socialize to be able to become appropriate companions. They have also been known to slaughter bears just to protect their flock. On the other hand, it is also a loyal and possessive dog in terms of its family, home, and property. It is calm, steadfast, and brave, but not aggressive.
Breed Ownership Information :Even small dogs such as the Anatolian Shepherd, they already have protective instincts that make them known to be guardians of the flock. Their masters rely on them in terms of watching over but not herding them. They can be a good pet when taught how to socialize with people and animals. In Turkey, this type of dog breed wears spiked collars for protection against enemies. In owning an Anatolian Shepherd, one should be able to teach them with extensive early socialization, dominant leadership with consistency, and obedience training all in one. 
Breed Activity Information :As a puppy, the Anatolian Shepherd dogs are not recommended to stay at home. They are very much active outdoors and will do best with a large yard. They are suspicious of strangers and so when made into a pet, the Anatolian Shepherd should be guarded with a secure, fenced yard for protection. Long daily walks are needed for this type and need a lot of exercises as well.
Breed Care Information :Even as small dogs, Anatolian Shepherd should be given extra vaccinations against parvo-virus since its immunity often takes longer to develop than with any other breed. On the other hand, little grooming is needed for this type of breed. Thorough brushing out twice a year is needed since it is a seasonal, heavy shedder.
Breed Training Information :Like any other type of breed, the Anatolian Shepherd dog breed needs obedience training as part of growing up. Since they have been used as guardians for a wide range of stock, it is very important that parameters are set for this type of dog breed to behave quickly and firmly. Close supervision should be done so owners can train their Anatolian Shepherd dogs as they want them to be.

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