Breed Group : Sporting
Weight : male: 30-45  lbs (13 – 20 kg ) ; female : 25-40  lbs ( 11.3 – 18 kg )
Height : male: 15-18 inches ( 38-45 centimeters ); female: 15-18 inches (38-45  centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :American Water Spaniel dog breed information began since the 18th century in the Midwestern United States as the American Water Spaniel has always been an all-around farm and hunting dog even as small dogs. This is also one of the dog breeds that have a combination of two breeds which is the Curly-Coated Retriever and Irish Water Spaniel and may also be with an addition of other early spaniels. When one has a puppy such as this type of breed, one will observe that this is an outstanding bird dog in water forms such as lakes, rivers, swamps. The American Water Spaniel can be a good family companion.
Breed Character Information : Having a puppy such as the American Water Spaniel, one may describe it as an active and muscular type of dog. Its height may range from 15-18 inches and weigh at around 25-45 pounds. There are some lines of the American Water Spaniel that are prone to skin problems.
Breed Coat Information :Even small dogs of this type of breed, one may easily observe that the American Water Spaniel has coat colors which may include liver or chocolate and even sometimes with a small white spot located in the chest.
Breed Temperament Information :There are many dog breeds that are intelligent and trainable and one of them is the American Water Spaniel dog breed. It is a very trainable dog breed making it usable for hunting quail, duck, pheasant, and others. It is also enthusiastic about its work. American Water Spaniel is also an energetic type of dog making them friendly and confident as well. It is also a highly sensitive type of dog that if taught with obedience training, it should be quiet and calm and not strict or demanding. This type of dog breed is also good for children but once shocked or startled, can be harsh with its actions.
Breed Ownership Information :The American Water Spaniel’s dog ownership is suitable for newbies and even for experienced ones. As already stated, this type of dog breed is good around children. The American Water Spaniel loves to enjoy family fun and activities and making them feel neglected can result in their possible boredom.
Breed Activity Information : The American Water Spaniel is a very versatile dog as it involves itself in activities such as flyball, obedience training, search, and rescue. It is more receptive to outdoor activities than indoor activities.
Breed Care Information :For the American Water Spaniel, a bi-weekly brushing is needed so as to remove dead hairs. It is also used to prevent matting. Only minimal bathing is required. Frequent exercise is needed. Moreover, it is recommended that they swim often as they really enjoy this. This type of dog breed is highly people-oriented and should thus be raised at home.
Breed Training Information :In training American Water Spaniel dogs, obedience training is required. Since it tends to be a one-person dog, it does not respond very well to extensive professional training unless otherwise, started in the early stage. The American Water Spaniel has a slow rate of maturity and high-pain tolerance so it is best to have short, daily and ongoing training sessions to bring out the dog’s potential.

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