This member of the Greyhound family, possibly related to the Saluki, is said by legend to have been one of the animals taken aboard Noah’s Ark. Its ancestors somehow found their way from their original home Persia (Iran) to Afghanistan, where the breed developed its long, shaggy coat to withstand the harsh climatic conditions. Its speed and stamina meant that it was used to hunt leopards, wolves, and jackals. It has since become a popular show dog and has been utilized in the growing sport of Afghan racing. The Afghan is an elegant and affectionate dog that is generally good-natured but does not tolerate teasing. It is intelligent, somewhat aloof, and requires plenty of exercises. The coat should be groomed with an air-cushioned brush and will soon become matted if it is not given sufficient and regular attention.

Breed Overview Information :One of the dog breeds that is a wonderful companion is the Afghan Hound dog breed. It has definitely grown very popular amongst many other dog breeds. This type of dog breed is very aloof but devoted. Around strangers, this dog type is very reserved. For this breed, a lot of socialization is needed.
Breed Character Information :As small dogs, the Afghan Hound is very beautiful and very intelligent. Often seen in the show ring, the Afghan hound is very obedient especially when trained with proper directions and activities. As a puppy, the Afghan Hound can be the center of fun around the family.
Breed Coat Information : As a puppy, the Afghan Hound has many colors permissible for its coat except the spotted one. The coat that they have is rather silky and thick. Going to the ribs, the legs, and the hind, their coat becomes very fine in texture. For their coat, one of the requirements is that it should never be trimmed. Their coats should remain as natural as possible.
Breed Temperament Information :Even as small dogs, the Afghan Hound is very loyal, sweet and very sensitive. They are also very affectionate type of dog breed. As sensitive dogs, they should be treated as such. They should not be taken for granted. They deal well with older children as well as with other animals provided that they are given proper socialization training. Afghan Hounds are also a courageous dog breed type. This dog breed can be the light of the life of the family when given proper obedience training.
Breed Ownership Information :The owners and handlers of the Afghan Hound should be able to understand very well this type of dog breed before even deciding to own one. It is really advisable to take into consideration the various aspects of this dog breed so that once decided and really interested, will be able to take good care of their pet dogs. On the other hand, owners and handlers may search various books or browse through the internet to get information on the Afghan Hound dog breed.
Breed Activity Information : A safe area for play and activity is needed for the Afghan Hound. They should also have daily walks regularly to keep them up with their health and exercise patterns. On the other hand, running for thirty minutes is also advisable for this type of dog breed.
Breed Care Information :This type of dog breed is a beautiful one. It has grown very popular which makes it a good companion. In caring for this type of breed, one has to research on the possible methods of caring for this especially if handlers or owners are newbies. As a basic need, baths are required once a week as well as brushing of the coat. Good research is really needed as special grooming is required for this dog breed type.
Breed Training Information : The Afghan hound needs to be trained gently as part of its attitude is very sensitive to its surroundings. Proper obedience and socialization training is required for them.