The Affenpinscher is the smallest of the pinschers and schnauzers. Its name comes from its monkeylike face (the German affen means “monkeys”). It is also known in its native country as the Dwarf Pinscher, and in France as the Diabletin Moustache (“the mustached little devil”). It greatly resembles the Brussels Griffon, but whether it was the Griffon that contributed to the Affenpinscher or vice versa is debatable. This appealing, naturally scruffy-looking toy dog has a keen intelligence and is exceedingly affectionate. It makes a good watchdog and, terrier-like is not averse to rabbiting. Its thick coat benefits from being brushed daily.

Breed Group : toy
Weight : male: 7-9 lbs ( 3-4 kg ) ; female : 7-9 lbs ( 3-4 kg )
Height : male: 9-11.5 inches ( 22.6-29 centimeters ); female: 9-11.5 inches ( 22.6-29 centimeters )
Breed Overview Information :This is one of the dog breeds wherein no origin exists except that it is believed to be related to the Brussels Griffon and to the Terrier. Named as “monkey dog”, the Affenpinscher most probably originated in Germany. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Affenpinscher is one of the dog breeds that became a house pet. Nowadays, the Affenpinscher is used as a companion dog even if it is still a puppy.
Breed Character Information :As small dogs, the Affenpinscher is a smaller version of the terrier. It has a squarish body with lower jaws protruding below the dog’s short nose. The eyes are black, prominent and rounded. The neck is short and the limbs are straight and well-boned. The ears are hairy and the hair is longer all over the face.
Breed Coat Information : As a puppy, you will already notice that the Affenpinscher has a harsh, shaggy coat. The coat is usually black or dark gray. There is also tan and red. The undercoat is seen to be sort of curly.
Breed Temperament Information :Even as small dogs, the Affenpinscher is observed to have a terrier-like personality. But in contrast with terriers, the Affenpinscher is more sociable, able to get along well with other dogs. They have a fun side wherein they are very playful and mischievous that is why they are called “monkey dogs”. They are very sharp, outwitting anyone who would play with them. They are an affectionate type of dog breed. They enjoy spending time with the family especially amusing them. They are courageous and confident, being able to show its unique quality of being a fearless defender.
Breed Ownership Information :Handlers or owners of the Affenpinscher need to be consistent in being the pack leader of this breed or else, they will tend to hide their food and toys. They are a very outgoing type of breed as they enjoy hiking and camping to colder temperatures. This is a generally quiet type of breed but can be most of the time excited and aggressive when they are attacked unknowingly. Owners and handlers of this type of breed should be able to enjoy best the Affenpinscher as it is a really fun-to-be-with type of dog. There is no need for dog house plans as this dog is more than likely to be an inside pet.
Breed Activity Information : The Affenpinscher is a very energetic dog. They love to play a lot and amuse the family members with its witty moves. Indoor plays can already suffice the exercise needed for this type of dog breed. Daily walks are very important as well as wide and long runs in an open space such as the backyard.
Breed Care Information :Because of the harsh and shaggy coat that the Affenpinscher has, it is just best that owners should not clip short their hair because this definitely ruins the coat for many, many years. Brushing and combing weekly is best recommended for this type of dog breed. Because a lot of hairs are growing fast for this type of breed, there is little or no hair being shed at all.
Breed Training Information : Just like any other type of dog breeds, proper obedience training should be given as well as proper behavior for this type of dog breed has very witty moves.

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