What does cat meow mean, is the cat meowing constantly? You can get answers to all questions like our article.

This is a question that has been sought for centuries, why are cats meows ..? Throughout history, making unique sounds that are seen in all other animals has attracted the attention of people. Cats also got their share of this ancient curiosity. Because our sweet friends, who are playing games in their way, sometimes curled up in a corner as if they are closed inside, sometimes come and come into their owners like a baby, cats; they can make unusual meowings when they have never been and nothing strange is in the middle. So much so that these meowings sometimes become constant and inexplicable. That’s why people in ancient times the cats meow constantly, while unaware of today’s scientific research and study, spiritual or even mystical meanings have imposed up to divination. But of course, they have nothing to do with the facts.

Of course, we can perceive the meow of cats mostly as a physical signal. But this physical alarm system is not always a signal of a physical need; sometimes it is an indicator of your cat’s mental problems or needs. Let’s continue reading our article if you are wondering why cats are constantly meow…

Here are 8 things that cause cats to meow:

1.Hunger and thirst

Of course, the most common reason for constant meow in cats is hunger. In what other way can a cat with a hungry tummy and perhaps your feeding time delay tell you that your stomach is hungry? If you are sure that your cat is fully fed, after making sure that your stomach is full, you should check the container in which you drink the water. Because if you do not give enough water when you want to drink water after food, your cat’s meow will not be stopped.

2.Toilet Problems

Our sweet children, who are very meticulous creatures, cats do not do their toilets if there is no clean sand or even if their sand is slightly contaminated. Yes, they postpone these needs, you did not get it wrong. Sometimes they can use contaminated sand, although they are very uncomfortable, often this also creates stress in them.


As I have explained in the article above, the cat, who has been stressed as a result of some situations, is meowing constantly, sometimes in combative status.

  • Cats can be stressed by triggering many conditions.
  • The environment it is in is dirty,
  • Small or large changes in the usual order,
  • Another pet comes home,
  • Many stimuli such as light and noise,
  • You are not interested in it as much or as much as before …
  • Many conditions, such as, cause your cat to become stressed or even depressed.

4.Anger (mating) period

Especially when female cats go into anger period, they are known as a constant meow. However, contrary to the general belief, both female and male cats tend to meow when they come to mating periods. This is both due to the fact that their wishes are not met, and if there is a cat of the opposite sex around them, it is something they do to attract their attention and temper, so to speak. Sometimes they meow mixed with such a hard snare that sometimes they drink like a net, and they meow constantly, you cannot stop.


f you are not interested in your cat adequately or at the level that she is accustomed to, she can apply for a constant meow to attract your attention and make you love yourself. Love it, caress it, kiss it. It is impossible to find such an innocent and unrequited love in this period.


A frightened cat often meows constantly and as if in crisis. The feeling that triggers this fear is of course not feeling safe and perceives that stimulus as a danger. Of course, the way of meowing may vary. However, if you can see what causes your cat to start off if you look around carefully, then intervening immediately will help your cat calm down.

7. Pain and Disease

One of the most likely physical reasons that cats can be given to the question of why meow is constantly hurting your cat or having illness and pain. You should pay attention to this, especially when you love your cat, which area you touch when you touch it. Cats can have pain just like us humans do. Or they may have serious illnesses that are hard for us to understand. So, follow the general condition of your cat and after eliminating other possible persistent meow factors, you should definitely meet with a veterinarian and have our cute friend examined.

8. Desire to speak!

Your cat wants to talk to you! For example, if you run and meow when you come from work, rubbing on you or coming after you, it will take your greetings and maybe she just wanted to say “Welcome”! If you take it and love it and speak it in response to their meow, it will calm down and finish its speech and your dialogue will come to a reasonable level. Cats cannot talk and express their troubles like us, so their meow is a way of telling them according to their language. As you can see, the constant meow of cats generally depends on a cause. If you identify these causes and triggers, your cat will both calm down and return to her daily routine comfortably. I saw the most meow in Tabby and Siamese cats. Especially Siamese kids are meowing like they sit with you officially and talk about football or fashion. You can evaluate this as a thank you for your interest or a way of dealing with you. After a while, you will start making meanings to yourself, as your paw buddy suffers or gets bored. 

You can share with us how your little angel dealt with this meowl problem “which is not a problem for me for some reason” in the comments section. When every one of us is a bit out of comfort, we immediately make our voices, right?

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