Betta fishes are very known and common to offices and households in the United States. However, no matter how known the Bettas are, misleading conceptions about this creature continue growing. They are attractive with their colorful fins and are easy to take care of. Moreover, they can only be enjoyed the moment you know the proper way of taking care of the Bettas. Listed below are some pet fish care myths especially for the Betta fishes.

Myth #1: Bettas are a lover of small containers like bowls

Generally when we visit our nearest local pet store, Bettas are kept in bowls and probably here is where the first myths for Bettas came from and think that here is where bettas should be. Ideally, bowls are not advisable, for Bettas are generally freed in an unlimited space. A three-gallon tank is can be the best tank size for you bettas, or if you want them happy, you can let them live in a five-gallon tank.

Myth #2: Two male Bettas together will fight to death

Bettas, especially males are known to be fighting to death when living together in one tank. Without the knowledge of others, they are just trying to protect their territory from possible invaders. Despite of these acts by Betta fishes, it also depends on tank size they are living with. If they are living together but in a tank of enough space, they will most likely share the space peacefully. Naturally, bettas are not used into cruel fights but rather showing their superior position in the form of demonstration and not fighting.

Myth #3: Feed Bettas as long as they can take

It is important for betta possible owners to know that Bettas are carnivorous in nature, and tends to eat as much as they can as long as they can have the catch. However, the bettas can also survive up to a month without any food that is why, the moment the have the food, bettas tend to eat them all up. Fish diseases like constipation and swim bladder can possibly affect your betta fishes, and to keep them away from it, cultivated bettas must be fed in small portions.

Myth 4: Heaters are not necessary to Betta fish tanks

As a fish coming from Asia, which is a tropical place, Bettas are already used to a temperature, which is higher than the temperature in the US. Betta lovers must be aware that, they are a tropical fish and needs to be in a water of 79 to 85 degree Fahrenheit. Lower than that may stress out your bettas and their immune system maybe lowered down and may lead to disease.

Myth 5: Bettas are plant over meats eaters

Naturally, betta fishes are carnivores, meaning they are a meat eaters. Looking at the size of a betta fish, this myth may sound strange. Owners must be aware that plants are not suitable for your betta fishes, the most preferred for them are the frozen bloodworms or flakes that can be bought from your local pet stores.. If you may find them eating some, that simply means that they are already starving.

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